Mining a Shared Heritage: Mexico’s ‘Little Cornwall’ 

Mining a Shared Heritage: Mexico’s ‘Little Cornwall’  – by Cornish mining migration specialist Dr Sharron P. Schwartz – tells the story of the Cornish in Mexico, the mine workers and their families at the Real del Monte mines in Mexico

During the 1820’s, mineworkers from Cornwall arrived in Mexico to rehabilitate flooded colonial silver mines that had been abandoned during the War of Emancipation. Spearheaded by British capital, the Cornish brought their mining expertise and steam engine technology to mines across newly independent Mexico heralding the dawn of the industrial revolution.

Includes DVD ‘video-diary’ covering the trip of the Cornish-Mexican Cultural Society to Mexico, July 2008.

Spanish translation by Lizzie Hoskins, edited by Ricardo Ludlow.

Mining a Shared Heritage


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